Paedriatic Nurses Chapter Gathers To Address Improvement Of Maternal Health in Kenya

By Anthony Aisi.

Paediatric Nurses Annual Scientific conference seeks to deliberate on ways to accelerate improvement of infant health in Kenya

The Kenya Paediatric Nurses Chapter, with the participation of Procter & Gamble, will bring together one of the largest gatherings of paediatric nurses and health care workers from Kenya to deliberate on concrete ways of improving infant health in the country. This will take place at the 11th Annual Kenya Paediatric Nurses Scientific Conference in Mombasa from 30-31 August 2012.

Announcing the conference date in Nairobi, Chair of the Kenya Paediatric Nurses Chapter, Dr. Christabel Wesonga-Omondi said this year’s conference will focus on steps that can be taken to achieve millennium development goals (MDG) 4 and 5, which target the reduction of infant mortality and improving maternal health. Over 100 nurses practicing at paediatric departments of various hospitals will converge for the conference.

“The conference will discuss developments in paediatric, including neo-natal care in Kenya and what practices the paediatric nursing community can implement to reduce infant mortality and improve maternal health in the country”, said Dr. Wesonga.

Commenting on the upcoming conference, Pampers Brand Manager Anthony Ng’ang’a said: “Pampers is participating in the conference and is pleased to be a part of it. Providing avenues for holistic baby care is at the apex of what we do. For this reason, we are happy to partner with paediatric nurses that are very instrumental in improving infant healthcare across Kenya.”

Pampers has reached out in partnership to medical professional organisations in Kenya in the provision of best baby care in Kenya. The Paediatric Nurses Association is one such partner- which represents paediatric nurses across the country. The association aims to promote excellence in paediatric nursing through high standards of nursing education and research in collaboration with others.  

Pampers has demonstrated a clear commitment to providing all-rounded baby care in Kenya. One of Pampers’ key propositions to the Kenyan mother is the sufficiency of one diaper to keep her baby dry for a whole night. What’s more, Pampers is constantly looking for ways to infuse new innovations into its products so as to ensure that babies are protected in even better ways. With an understanding of the importance of sleep in the physical and cognitive development of babies, Pampers diapers give a baby a whole night of critical undisturbed sleep.

Pampers, in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, runs the ‘Pampers Mobile Clinics’ program targeting mothers with babies less than 12 months who have given birth at home. The Pampers Mobile Clinics consist of a van that travels to various locations with a District Health Officer and two nurses. They offer consultations and give free expert and on-the-spot medical advice, allowing mothers to address pressing worries such as feeding habits, breastfeeding, sleep patterns, vaccination and common ailments in various rural and semi-urban communities in the country.


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